My name is Joah Pearson. “Joah” as in King Hezekiah’s Recorder in the Bible (you remember him, right?) and “Pearson” as in “son-of-a-pear” (not really). I am an aspiring content communicator, a writer and editor, a wannabe filmmaker, and a big-time consumer of pizza. Though, you probably could have guessed that last one on your own. I mean, who doesn’t like pizza? But hey, you never know – I could have been one of earth’s 5 pizza haters. (No offense if you count yourself in their ranks.)

At any rate, I do like pizza. I also like books. And movies. And music. And podcasts. And audio dramas. And articles. Media are awesome.

But, more importantly, I like and love my family, which includes my dad, mom, and 8 crazy younger siblings all hanging together for dear life out here at the edge of civilization. (AKA, middle-of-nowhere Georgia.) And most important of all, down in the marrow, I am a junkyard being gloriously cleaned up by the King of the Universe – Jesus, my Savior.