Audio Drama Review: The Jungle Book – The Mowgli Stories

“You may know the Disney classic in all its tuneful color. And you may have watched the 2016 live action remake, tuned down and actioned up. You might even be familiar with other media incarnations, of which there are many. But the real question is: have you tasted the classic Jungle Book adventure stories from the pen of the author – Rudyard Kipling himself? I hadn’t, so I decided to check out Audible Studio’s 2016 audio drama production The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories in hopes that I would get a taste of the original story while enjoying a great audio drama.”

My review of Audible Studio’s audio drama, “The Jungle Book: The Mowgli Stories” just dropped over at Audio Theatre Central – the marvelous internet hub for all things family friendly audio drama. Check out my review HERE and be sure to take a look around the site at all the great content they have to offer!