Jane Austen in Audio Drama

“Hailing from late 18th century Britain, Jane Austen was a quiet girl with lucid insight and a pen of biting grace. She saw clearly, and what she saw, she wrote. She wove characters that dance across the pages of her novels – skipping, jumping, gliding, and tripping along in their own colorful ways as she… More

Audio Drama Review: The Jungle Book – The Mowgli Stories

“You may know the Disney classic in all its tuneful color. And you may have watched the 2016 live action remake, tuned down and actioned up. You might even be familiar with other media incarnations, of which there are many. But the real question is: have you tasted the classic Jungle Book adventure stories from… More

The One I Cannot Face: A Short Story

He will be here soon – the one I cannot face. I hear his footsteps even now, and my heart cringes at every stomp of his heavy boots. It won’t be long now – he will stream right through my apartment door, solid though it is. He will march his way right up to my… More

Daycare Injury? Find Out How to Get Compensation

Daycares can be dangerous.  Take a recent case of mine for example. I was hired by a young mother whose 2-year-old daughter had suffered a serious injury while in daycare. The little girl was playing on the floor in a class of 23 other children overseen by two teachers. While the teachers were preoccupied with directing the children… More

What Parents Should Know About Toy-Related Deaths and Serious Injuries

Trouble in Toyland is an annual exposé of dangerous toys released by U. S PIRG (Public Interest Research Group) Education Fund. For thirty-four years, the consumer watchdog group has identified toys on the market which it deems unsafe, sparking over a hundred and fifty recalls of such toys and providing parents with the information they… More


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